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​​Sometimes a company can fall short on what you originally had dreamed or expected it had a chance to become.. ​

This is when people need to call an expert to identify what you may have missed.

Its easy to be distracted by daily activities. Call an expert to focus for you @1 800 801 5519,.


  • Business management services
  • Free business appraisals
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  • Personal account manager
  • Business plans
  • Product launching
  • Truthful easy to understand answers 
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   Your SOLUTIONS EXPERTS                                                                                   NPL CONSULTING SERVICES INC

Our associates have worked many house hold names from Donald Trump to Jordan Belfort, from MIckey B

to Joey Reynolds, from Joe Klecko to the Dolan family  We even worked for the GREATEST - Mohammad Ali. 

Our mission statement is to make this a win - win situation for all parties involved. We can only do this   

by following our problem solving EXPERT consultants,    and use their time tested, successful solutions.

The Route Guys are National Experts since 1969

   We only win if we make you a life-long client.

Choosing your consultant is a difficult  task. You need to find an EXPERT in the same area your operating in.


We know it's often hard to figure out how to determine the quality of a consultant. ​

At NPL all of our consultants are TIME TESTED Professional EXPERTS.. 

                                  Becoming your own BOSS starts right here and now with us ​                                                                                                                  Take your first step into your future Call - 1 800 801 5519

             Mohammad Ali - Mike  Barry 

   It was my honor to work with the GREATEST 

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